Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Freelancer?

Britain is facing one of the toughest economic climates in the last 50 years. With rising cost of living, record energy prices, global supply chain disruption, and approaching tax rises, businesses face a huge challenge to grow and remain profitable. This is where freelance marketers come into their own.

Hiring a marketing or SEO freelancer is a flexible way to avoid expanding workforces and adding to fixed costs in uncertain times, while getting marketing projects done at lower risk. It’s an ideal option for companies going through a growth phase who need to manage costs, bring in new skills, get more sales leads, and outperform the competition online. Without SEO, businesses risk being lost in the midst of hundreds of similar businesses targeting the same customer segments.

Hiring internal staff to carry out marketing activity – whether that be website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search/PPC, graphic design, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, social media, or marketing strategy development – can get expensive. Plus, permanent or FTC staff can be tricky to dismiss if things don’t work out.

Saves you time

The time it takes to recruit a member of staff can be painful and, even after sieving through hundreds of applications and interviewing candidates, it can often prove fruitless. Hiring freelancers is quicker and easier and gives you access to specialist skills that are hard to find on the open jobs market.

Digital marketing freelancers come fully trained and armed with a diverse set of skills honed through years of practice and application in different sectors and business models.

Saves you money

Businesses pay freelancers an agreed figure to carry out a brief without worrying about NI or pension contributions, holiday/sick pay, payroll admin, training, software licences and many other overheads.

Marketing agencies have huge overhead costs. They generally work out of rented spaces and hire many staff, including people that won’t work on your project at all. Small overheads means freelancers can deliver excellent results at lower prices. Plus, freelancers tend to be far more productive than agency employees as they work on their own time.

Saves you committing long term

If you’re a business owner or senior manager, you probably don’t have the time to develop a team of in-house marketing employees. Marketing freelancers happily take on long-term project work or one-time tasks as and when you need them.


You will work and communicate directly with a freelancer who typically has fewer clients than an agency would. This means freelancers can accommodate urgent deadlines and changing requirements within their work schedule and can even meet you outside of normal working hours.

Grow Your Online Leads and Revenue

Approximately 63% of all purchases begin online, even if money exchanges hands in a store or over the telephone as opposed to on a website. Considering that 75% of browsers never scroll past the first page of Google, businesses that don’t optimise their website for SEO will often be invisible and sadly go undetected.

SEO is a medium-long term investment that pulls in organic leads, boosts web engagement and brand recognition, and complements offline sales activities. 



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