Working with you to increase your online visibility

Social media is embedded in our lives and you don’t want to be the only company without an active social media presence.

A poor or non-existent social media presence will prevent you from engaging with new customers and directing traffic to your site. An effective social media strategy will strengthen your business reputation and build brand awareness in key customer segments.

Social media doesn’t need to be a mystery. With the help of a professional social media consultant, you can increase follower count and maximise sales.

What might social media services include?

The entire process is bespoke to what your business is looking to achieve online. Everyone is at a different stage in their social media journey. Some are just starting and need a complete crash course. Others will be active on social media but need support in growing their following and maximising sales.

These are some of the social media consultancy services we offer:

  • Social Media Advertising: Some businesses will require support in setting up social media ads that convert. Social media advertising is great if you’re looking to target new customers who have expressed an interest in particular products or services. Your social media consultant will step you through the process of setting up and managing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • Profile Optimisation: Perhaps you are new to the world of social media? If so, you will require help setting up a profile and optimising it to attract new followers. Let’s take Facebook. This would include linking to your website, adding a description, profile image and cover photo. We’ll step you through the process of setting up your first organic Facebook post, too.
  • Content Creation: Content is the bread and butter of social media marketing. It’s everything that you post on social media – videos, text and images. You should take note of what your audience responds to and tap into their interests. Be active, too. Respond to any questions in the comments section of your posts, as well as reviews and direct messages.
  • Tools and Analytics: Taking note of your analytics will help you understand your audience, create better content and overall, improve conversions. Having a social media consultant that understands how to integrate analytics with social media and what metrics you should be tracking is incredibly valuable.